About Us


We are Ezerka

Ezerka Technology Solutions was founded by a group of five people who love participating in hackathons and believe in creating next generation technology product solutions for different types of problem statements and to solve modern-day issues by using technology that innovate the world.

Today, Ezerka Technology Solutions not only provides product solutions but we also provide different types of service related solutions to the customers. At Ezerka, we believe that we should always try to build solutions that are scalable and built using the next generation technology.

Our Services

Our Values

Thinking Creatively

We always believe that creativity makes us find new solutions, methods, taking on challenges and forms to solve problems. Everyone is creatively different from each other which makes the product even more creative.

Always Collaborate

We’re not just here to take a journey by ourselves, we’re here to share a journey with each other because the impact we have together is always greater than as an individual.

Connect Openly

We carry enthusiasm and energy to the work and believe that criticizing increases our perspective on how we approach things and to build great solutions. We encourage everyone's different opinion and listen carefully with an open mind.

Provide First, Deliver Later

We always strive to provide the solution for the problem of the customer as soon as possible and then later on deliver the solution full fledged as promised.

Never Stop Learning

We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate. The level of technology keeps on increasing and we always try to keep up with the latest technology in the market.


We take accountability for the work that has been delivered to our customer and we always ensure we deliver with quality on time, every time to the customer.

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